asha“Asha” is a certified Pranic healer. She is also a well known tarot, runes, angel cards, oracle cards, I-Ching reader. Her forte is healing. She has been blessed with divine blessings but she realized it later in her life as she started getting the feed back from people that her words worked as magic medicines and healed them emotionally.
Her hands have powerful healing energies and the way she does healing pouring her love and with powerful healing intentions the receiver starts feeling the vibrations from the moment her healing starts. Her clients feel the difference in the very first session. They tell her how could she feel everything about them even without their telling her. That is the power of her deep connection with divine energies.

She get divine visions and her zodiac readings are so accurate that whoever reads it feels as if she knows them and writes about their life even though the readings are generalized. People instantly connect to her.

She has such a positive aura that whoever comes into contact with her feels inspired, motivated and highly positive. She daily gets personalized messages and calls from all over the globe telling how positive her influence has been on their lives. She invokes positive self love and motivation in people.

She is very passionate about helping people in whichever way she can. She is always there for people and her clients. She never markets her services or herself but her clients have such faith in her that they recommend her to everyone. She has the insatiable hunger for knowledge and keeps herself updated with happenings all around the globe and then incorporates it in her therapies and techniques customizing everything according to what works for her. She believes to test everything on her first as how it works and how effective results are.

She will recommend therapies or techniques and remedies which she feels works effectively. She guides people with simple solutions and doesn’t make them go through complicated processes.

People love her for her simple remedies, her support to them as a friend, philosopher and guide. She is not the one who will show the path to people but she will hold hand and walk few steps with people so that they know they have someone whom they can trust during their journey and they know she will hold them whenever they stumbled or walked off path.

A person who connects with her will establishes a life time relationship with her she is such a loving and caring soul. Always giving from the heart and without any expectations.